Are the Falcons overrated?

Entering the 2015 season, the Falcons fans had lofty expectancies for the team to go on to the Super Bowl. However, those expectancies were impractical, considering some of the major unsorted complications. When they had only 6 regular season matches left, Atlanta was at 6-4, a record entirely inconsistent with very naïve expectancies. A precise examination of the Falcons' record last season reveals how overrated they were.

The team's susceptibilities were really exposed when the Falcons lost against the Saints. Struggling to almost outdo Tennessee was unacceptable. The Falcons' "strong" offense aggregated merely 10 points. While some said that a 10-7 victory is a victory, it was not when claiming of being Super Bowl-bound.

Their being overrated made itself plain in their final 3 matches, losing to Tampa Bay, San Francisco and Indianapolis, three teams that were floundering.

During drafting, the Falcons had a chance to pick running back Todd Gurley of the Georgia Bulldogs, in turn setting up a solid rushing attack. They drafted Vic Beasley instead. Gurley is one of the top rushers in the NFL. Conversely, Beasley was an insignificant contributor in Atlanta's defense. Even though the need to better a defense that was below-average to average via picking Beasley in the 1st round was reasonable, preferring Gurley to Beasley was a no-brainer, particularly taking into consideration that Beasley could have been selected in the 2nd round. Quality-wise, Gurley can transform a franchise; Beasley, on the other hand, was rashly regarded as more crucial.

Just like the 2014 season, the Falcons' defense was below average to average; its line of offense was terrible, it had a floundering offense, and a starting quarterback – Matt Ryan – who was overrated. Ryan's erratic game could not have led them to the Super Bowl. Dan Quinn's arrival had much pomp to it, but his leadership of the Falcons has not been inspiring.

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